Case for weekday GO Train service between Niagara and the GTHA.

Business Case

Today we must make new connections — connections that bring talent, investment, growth and innovation within reach. Strong local economies are the foundation of a strong provincial economy and extending two-way GO Train service to Niagara is critical to our long-term growth, prosperity and sustainability.

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The total project costs for Niagara GO train service is $130 million which includes:

  • $40 million in station improvements
  • $80 million in track improvements
  • $10 million for contingency
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The economic benefits of GO Train service include:

  • 2,400 new full-time jobs in Niagara resulting from transit operations
  • 1,200 additional full-time construction jobs to implement daily GO service
  • $195 million in economic impact
  • The ability for employers to attract and retain talented staff and grow their business
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Daily GO Train service will include:

  • 7 trains in and 7 trains out
  • Connection to James St. North GO station for transfer to Lakeshore West line
  • Schedules that accommodate the canal crossing
Niagara GO Train expansion map

Starting Location

  • St. Catharines

To Hamilton

  • 38 minutes

One-way Single Fare

  • $9.80

To Toronto

  • 1 hour 45 minutes

One-way Single Fare

  • $21.30

This is a proposed trip/fare schedule. Travel times are based on a conservative estimate and have the potential to be reduced as this process moves forward.